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Moore Alternative School and Treatment

Moore Alternative School and Treatment is a voluntary program for youth ages 13 to 17 who are experiencing behavior problems at school and home. The youth and their parent/guardian are involved in the development of a treatment plan to address these issues. The youth who are successful in this program are those who are ready to make changes in their behavior. Each youth signs a contract agreeing to follow specific guidelines. The daily schedule includes education andgroup counseling. Each youth receives individual and family counseling based on their treatment goals.

The emphasis of this program is on behavior. Education is secondary. Each youth is enrolled in their home school while they attend MAST and receives the same amount of school credit. They are enrolled i n the same grade level that they are in public school. Each youth works at their own pace educationally and receives a great deal of individual assistance. There are two classrooms with 9 youth in each room.

The youth enrolled in MAST do not accelerate graduation. If they are successful in this program and their home school wishes to place them in a higher trade level, the public school will make that decision. 

The MAST program hours are from 7:40 A.M. to 2:16 P.M. and follow the Moore Public School schedule regarding days in session. This program is totally voluntary and is for those youth who are ready to make some different decisions. They are given a great deal of structure and support to make these changes.