The Positive Adolescent Social Skills program is considered a Prevention Program and is often referred to as the First Time Offender Program.

These services are designed to teach adolescents basic skills that could enable them to take more positive control of their lives. The focus of this course is to teach the youth that they have the ability to make decisions for themselves and to say no to negative peer pressure. The program is designed for first offenders in the juvenile justice system.

Referral Process: Moore Youth and Family Services/Moore Alcohol and Drug Center may receive the referral from Municipal Court, the Office of Juvenile Affairs or through self-referral. Once the referral is received, an appointment will be made with the youth and their parent/legal guardian to ensure appropriate program service delivery. 

Group Sessions: Youth and parents/guardians will attend a minimum of twelve (12) hours of classes. These hours will be done in (6) two-hour sessions over a period of three weeks or two (2) six-hours sessions over two consecutive Saturdays.

The youth and parents/guardians will spend half of the sessions apart and half together. 

Certificate of Completion: A "Certificate of Completion" is given to each youth and their parent/guardian who satisfactorily completes the program. 

Follow-up Report: A follow-up report on each program participant will be sent to the referral source.