School-Based Services

Currently available at Brink Junior High School, Highland East Junior High School, Highland West Junior High School, Central Junior High School, Moore West Junior High Southridge Junior High School, Moore High School, Southmoore High School, and Westmoore High School.

The focus of Moore Youth and Family’s School-Based Program is prevention and early intervention.  The purpose is to assist students in the identification of personal substance abuse and related problems.  The early intervention program, done in conjunction with Moore Public Schools, operates within the context of each of the six junior high schools and the three high schools. This collaborative effort of principals, counselors, teachers and MYFS staff addresses the school behavior of students who are at risk of use, abuse and dependency of chemicals.  Some of the behaviors include, but are not limited to disruptiveness, poor grades or school attendance, threatening behaviors that include fighting, general aggressiveness, verbal lashing out or substance initiation.  Not all students who present these behaviors are necessarily at risk of chemical dependency or abuse, but availability of trained early intervention clinical staff to respond to the student provides the opportunity for early intervention assessment